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Hello and welcome to our April e-bulletin.

As you'll see below, we're very pleased to announce the re-launch of TravelWise Week. The week-long campaign will be held at the same time as, and in co-operation with, European Mobility Week - 16-22 September 2017. The theme is "Sharing gets you further".

Our 2017 training and event programme is now well underway with four events open for registration and featured in this e-bulletin:

  • 'Travel Planning for Development Sites' (25 April)
  • 'Mobility as a Service: How Changing Technology Could Benefit Accessibility and the Economy' (3 May)
  • 'EV Fest at Thames Valley Park' (17-18 May) and
  • 'The Role of Technology in Sustainable Transport' - with Midlands Regional Meeting (23 May)

The above events are all free for members sending one delegate.

We also have 15-20% member discounts on our partners' events - e.g. Cycle City Active City, Consultation and Participation in Transport Planning, and Transport Practitioners' Meeting (TPM).

Regional meetings are also a great place for sharing good practice in the region and making local contacts. If you're a member and not receiving regional invitations directly, do get in touch.

Our Member Login Area on is now populated with scores of guidance documents, conference presentations and other resources made available exclusively to members. If you're not already an Act TravelWise member, it's easy to join and you can do this by completing our Membership Form found on the website. Among other benefits, membership gives you a free place at all of our events throughout the year. You also get discounts on registration at our partners' events.

We encourage you to send in your news, job postings and event listings for future issues of the monthly e-bulletin. Just email them by the end of the month. This is a free service for members (£100 per item for non-members), reaching over 4,000 people. Also anyone may submit email addresses that you'd like added to our e-bulletin distribution list here.

Featured News

Featured News  

TravelWise Week is Back! - 16-22 September 2017

In response to high demand, Act TravelWise is re-launching TravelWise Week. The week-long campaign will be held at the same time as, and in co-operation with, European Mobility Week (EMW) - 16-22 September 2017.

You are invited to get involved - whether you represent a local authority, transport operator, business, university, health care provider or even just as an individual. It's an opportunity to engage with the public and other partners broadly on the theme of transport and travel in a number of ways:

  1. encouraging modal shift and physical activity by offering various types of incentives (e.g. travel discounts, passes), support (e.g. PTP, cycle training), useful information (e.g. maps, timetables), education and motivation
  2. showcasing new or planned infrastructure improvements (e.g. new cycling/walking routes, pedestrian zones, public space enhancements, new cleaner buses)
  3. increasing awareness, support and momentum for local initiatives through face-to-face interaction

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The campaign will use the 2017 theme "Sharing gets you further", focusing on one of the things that makes us human - sharing. The power of sharing increases with the application of intelligent systems to connect people, modes and operators into one sustainable seamless journey. For example, in The Netherlands the growth in car share has taken it from 3,000 trips to 25,000 trips in eight years, whilst 'classic' car share usage stayed fairly static. The growth has all been in peer to peer networks via apps like Bla Bla Car.

The theme will allow you to engage all kinds of companies in your campaign, e.g. app developers and others in the tech sector, car share and car rental companies, shopping centres and any companies with an interest in reducing demand on their car parks.

You have the option of using the TravelWise Week or European Mobility Week (EMW) branding for your local events and activities. Act TravelWise is providing TravelWise Week logos and posters (downloads below), web resources, regional support networks, contacts and links to the EMW campaign e.g. campaign materials and design materials. Our campaign co-ordinator Don Kent (07931 978771, [email protected]) will be happy to support and steer your efforts.

Regardless of which branding you use, please register your participation on the European Mobility Week website, where you will find one registration link for 'Cities' and another for 'Businesses, NGOs, Schools and Other Actors'. Don has even offered to complete the registration form on your behalf. Registration will also make you eligible for awards.

Let's start organising now for the 2017 campaign and make it a year to remember!

Poster Resources (courtesy Diva Creative):

  • poster image - available at 600x831px (JPG) for web use and 249x345px (JPG) for social media use
  • A4 poster - non-customisable (PDF)
  • A4 poster - with 'empty belly' for adding local event info (PDF) (DOCX)
  • A5 double-sided customisable flyer - with all transport modes on front (PDF) (DOCX)
  • A5 double-sided customisable flyer - with cyclists only on front (PDF) (DOCX)
  • A5 double-sided customisable flyer - with pedestrians only on front (PDF) (DOCX)

Image Resources (courtesy Diva Creative):

  • logo - available at 2298x1845px (JPG) and 167x125px (JPG)
    Travelwiseweek Logo Thumbnail50px
  • bus graphic - 2521x952px (JPG)
    Travelwise Week Bus Thumbnail50px
  • car sharing graphic - 1195x742px (JPG)
    Travelwise Week Car Thumbnail50px
  • cyclist graphic - 1195x742px (JPG)
    Travelwise Week Cyclist Thumbnail50px
  • three pedestrians graphic - 1904x975px (JPG)
    Travelwise Week Ped Group Thumbnail50px
  • pedestrian1 image - 810x942px (JPG)
    Travelwise Week Ped1 Thumbnail50px
  • pedestrian2 image - 810x942px (JPG)
    Travelwise Week Ped2 Thumbnail50px



EPOMM E-Update on Rewarding Behaviour Change

EPOMM - the European Platform on Mobility Management - has released its March 2017 e-update on the topic of Rewarding Behaviour Change. Using many international best practice examples, the e-update looks at rewards to trigger motivation, rewards as an economic benefit, rewards as a celebration of behaviour change, gifts versus money and rewarding through technology. It's an excellent starting point for those looking to introduce or improve an incentive-based initiative.

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Act TravelWise LinkedIn Discussion Forum Changes

Act TravelWise maintains a 'group' on LinkedIn where you can post discussion items and announcements. This was traditionally an open group, but is being transformed into a resource exclusively for members. Members are very welcome to use this forum whether you are new to the sustainable transport/travel field or a more seasoned practitioner. To join the group, please click here. Non-members are encouraged to follow our LinkedIn company page instead.

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Member Discount on PTRC Courses

A discount has been arranged for Act TravelWise members wishing to attend courses organised by PTRC. Click below for details of upcoming courses.

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Featured Event  

North West Regional Meeting - 20 April 2017

The next North West regional meeting will be held on Thursday 20 April 2017 from 2-4 pm at Transport for Greater Manchester, with a focus on good practice in the region, including presentations by TfGM and Highways England.

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Featured Event  

Travel Planning for Development Sites - 25 April 2017

A one-day seminar covering the why, when and how of delivering travel plans in the development planning process, considering the experience of both the local planning or highway authority and the developer/occupier. Led by Richard Adams, Associate Director, AECOM on Tuesday 25 April 2017 hosted by AECOM in Bristol.

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Featured Event  

Mobility as a Service: How Changing Technology Could Benefit Accessibility and the Economy - 3 May 2017

An Act TravelWise event, in association with WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff and Mouchel on 3 May in Manchester... ‘Mobility as a Service’ (or MaaS for shorthand), one of the latest buzzwords in the transportation realm, promises a step change in the way in which people plan their journeys, make transport choices and pay for their travel. Whilst still in its early stages of development, MaaS has the potential to significantly disrupt traditional transportation service models. Free for Act TravelWise members sending one delegate; £50 + VAT for non-members and additional delegates.

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Featured Event  

Cycle City Active City Bradford - 11-12 May 2017

Cycle City Active City Bradford, the fifth event in the Cycle City series, will be held from 11-12 May 2017. A 20% discount is available for Act TravelWise members. Cycle City Active City is a ground breaking conference and exhibition for all those working to encourage Dutch levels of utility cycling and active travel in Britain.

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Featured Event  

EV Fest at Thames Valley Park - 17-18 May 2017

EV Fest is Thames Valley (Business) Park’s annual electric/hybrid car festival, now in partnership with Act TravelWise to enable our members and contacts to attend. Twelve car manufacturers are attending this year. You will be able to talk to the manufacturers in the information marquee, test drive the cars and join in the raffle to win amazing prizes. There will be lunch available from food vans cooking fresh food on-site. Attendance is free for Act TravelWise members sending one delegate; £20 + VAT for non-members and additional delegates.

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Featured Event  

The Role of Technology in Sustainable Transport - 23 May 2017

Craig Barrack of carbon heroes ltd will lead a two-hour workshop hosted by Atkins in Birmingham covering a wide range of technological options that can facilitate sustainable travel: (a) technology as an alternative to transport, (b) social media, (c) mobile devices, (d) location-based services and (e) big data.

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Featured Event  

Consultation and Participation in Transport Planning - 24-25 May 2017

This two-day course run by the UCL Transport Institute is designed to help those working in transport planning to understand and effectively manage consultation and participation processes. The course is held at UCL from 24-25 May 2017. Act TravelWise members receive a 20% discount.

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Featured Event  

European Conference on Mobility Management - 31 May - 2 June 2017

The 2017 European Conference on Mobility Management (ECOMM) will take place in Maastricht, the Netherlands from 31 May - 2 June. ECOMM is the most important European platform for policy makers, traffic engineers and scientists in the field of mobility. The conference theme in 2017 is “Teaming-up for liveable cities”. Registration is now open.

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Featured Event  

South West Regional Meeting - 20 June 2017

The next South West regional meeting will take place on Tuesday 20 June in Plymouth, hosted by Plymouth City Council. There will be an opportunity for a site visit before lunch to view a Plymotion project in action. The regional meeting will be held after lunch in the Council offices.

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Featured Event  

Transport Practitioners' Meeting - 28-29 June 2017

The 15th Annual Transport Practitioners’ Meeting will be held 28-29 June 2017 in Nottingham. TPM is an important annual meeting place for all transport planners, highway engineers and urban transport designers to share knowledge, engage in constructive debates and disseminate the latest thinking across the profession. This year's programme is now available. Registration is open and a 15% discount is available for Act TravelWise members.

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