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Sustainable Travel Mapping Portal for North East

Pindar Creative has released a mapping portal that enables schools, businesses and local communities in the North East Combined Authority area to produce their own personalised leaflets featuring a site-specific map. The resource was funded by Sustainable Travel Transition Year funding for the North East Combined Authority's Go Smarter programme.

The intuitive mapping portal allows users to choose one of four templates (primary school, secondary school, business, community) providing useful information on active and sustainable travel. The templates can be personalised with site names and some supplementary information.

Users can choose from three layers of OpenStreetMap data, highlighting cycling and transportation links, and can include up to two isochrones to indicate walking times from their site. Symbols can be dragged and dropped onto the leaflet to highlight cycle parking, local crossings, and no parking zones.

Once happy with the finished leaflet, users can download a PDF for use on their website, or print to their home or office printer. Alternatively, the PDF can be sent to Pindar Creative if professionally printed and folded leaflets are required. Aside from any professional printing required, the resource is free to use on an ongoing basis for anyone in the North East Combined Authority region. If you have any relevant contacts in the North East, please inform them about this resource.

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