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Radical Transport Conference - Abstracts by 9am on Monday 29 February 2016

Dear colleagues

We hope you will be interested in this event and look forward to receiving your abstract.


UCL Transport Institute invites 250-word abstracts for our inaugural Radical Transport Conference, which will take place at UCL (in central London) on Monday 20 June 2016.

Please submit your abstract to [email protected] by 09.00 (Greenwich Mean Time) on Monday 29th February in order for it to be considered.  We shall aim to inform candidates of our decision on or before Thursday 24th March.

*What is the Radical Transport Conference?*
In keeping with the values on which UCL was founded, we like a bit of controversy, heterodoxy and contrarianism.  So we're organising this event, employing "radical" in the sense of departing from what is usual/traditional; progressive, innovative etc.
Our aim is to give researchers working on transport an opportunity to present novel work and/or ideas to a receptive but discerning audience.

*Ground rules*
Whilst we shall welcome proposals that challenge received wisdom, we shall also require any paper to comply with academic norms of being well argued and coherent.  Where applicable, suitable and sound evidence will need to be cited.
In addition, we shall expect all work to comply with fundamental laws of physics and to relate either to the real world of today or a plausible future world.
It being a transport conference, we ask that all proposals centre on the movement of people and/or other animals and/or goods, but not necessarily to the exclusion of connected themes.

Each speaker will give a brief presentation.  We shan't require written papers, though we may seek a special issue depending on the level and nature of the response to this call.
A small fee will be charged for attendance to cover catering.

Please direct any questions to Tom Cohen, 020 7679 2276 or 07504 402113, [email protected]