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Member Profile: Moovit

In March 2020, Moovit became a member of Act TravelWise.

Moovit ( is a leading Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions company and the world’s most popular urban mobility app. Moovit simplifies urban mobility all around the world. Over 720 million consumers use Moovit’s free app on to travel in more than 3,000 cities in 100 countries and 45 languages.

Over 100 cities and global events have made Moovit their official transit app. Companies like Microsoft, Uber, Lyft and cities and transit agencies license Moovit’s products to help them improve urban mobility. Moovit owns and operates the world’s largest repository of transit data, amassing over six billion anonymous data points a day.

Moovit helps cities, universities and operators improve urban mobility with:

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Platform
The Moovit MaaS Platform integrates all your city’s mobility services into a multimodal trip planner (public transit, taxis, ride-hailing, bike-sharing), along with a customer facing mobility app that has everything your residents require: trip planning, synchronized timetables, live arrivals, step-by-step navigation, alerts, mobile payment, communication channels and more.

Moovit Urban Mobility Analytics (MUMA)
MUMA combines multiple inputs, including anonymized aggregated data from users, with advanced algorithms to provide unrivaled insights into how people move around cities.

TimePro: Real-Time Vehicle Location System
A plug-and-play solution that delivers reliable real-time schedules to passengers, while also providing a real-time operations dashboard for administrators.

DRT - On Demand
The Moovit DRT platform that seamlessly manages on demand services. Providing the power of big data analytics to on-demand transport services that equally benefit riders, operators, and cities.

COVID-19 Emergency Response Solutions
During the COVID-19 crisis, Moovit has developed technological solutions to optimise and adapt operations and fleet to better serve your community. These include tools to create and communicate service changes to users and provide real time communication to passengers. Moovit is also providing central and local governments with data reports that cover:
• Staying at home index (% of people staying at home v % going out
• Crowded zones - (where people are gathering)
• Relative change in traffic by mode / transport type (impact of COV-19 on public transport)

UK contact:

Brad Lee
Sales, Moovit
Phone: +44-750 800 5525
Email: [email protected]