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Liftshare Week - 7-13 October 2019

Liftshare Week 2019 runs from 7-13 October and this year the campaign focuses on how much money individuals save when they share their commute.

By sharing their journeys and splitting the costs, individuals halve their fuel costs, or save even more if they share with more than one person at a time. The average regular sharer saves over £1000 per year! Not only that, but they also reduce their carbon footprint by the equivalent in weight of 27 Orangutans in CO2 per year!! (that’s around 1200kg) is the biggest carsharing network in the UK with over 600,000 members sharing 1 million trips every month. Liftshare want to get as many people sharing their journeys to work as they can this Liftshare Week and are trying to reach the milestone of 1 billion miles taken off of UK roads by 2020. Liftshare recently were award a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for what judges called ‘exceptional contributions to the environment’.

The benefits of car sharing are enormous, not only from the savings that sharers make, but also the impact on the environment of taking all of those cars off the road. That’s not to mention the mental health benefits of having someone to talk to and reduce the stress of the morning commute.

With private businesses the benefits are even greater. Liftshare save the 700 UK companies that they work with over £20 million per year. This comes through reducing the amount of parking required for staff, making it easier for people to get to work thus helping recruitment and retention, and offering an excellent benefit to staff.

CEO and Founder, Ali Clabburn said, “With the recent climate strikes, the government pledging net zero on carbon emissions by 2050 and cities being forced to implement clean air zones, car sharing is one very simple, easy and effective way to reduce the amount of CO2 polluting our atmosphere, reduce the amount of congestion around our towns and cities, and making getting to work cheaper and more accessible to everyone.

Our message is simple. Give it a try. Once you’ve tried car sharing you’ll wonder why you never did it before. You’ll save so much money and cut your emissions. It’s a win win.”

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