Join the EMPOWER Project as a 'Living Lab'

Would your organisation be willing to work with the EMPOWER project to trial incentive-based schemes and campaigns to encourage people to reduce their use of conventionally fueled vehicles?

The EMPOWER project is now inviting proposals from any City authority, community authority or Corporate organisation to provide a Living Lab Demonstration, with a deadline of 14 March 2017 at 5 pm for applications. This call does have funds attached for costs including staff, associated with the Living Lab Demonstration.
EMPOWER is about the use of positive incentives such as information, points, discounts, rewards, community support and games, rather than charging, pricing, rationing, restrictions and regulation. Smart devices (phones and tablets) will allow two-way information flow between the travelling public and transport authorities, including the ability to offer tailored incentives relevant to the individuals travel patterns.
The UK Living Lab stakeholders will develop and deliver the actual implementation with the help of funding from the EMPOWER budget of up to £80,000 (spending restrictions apply), and support from the EMPOWER consortium in areas such as evaluation methods, business models and design of incentives schemes. The EMPOWER ICT tools will also be available for use in the Living Lab (see mobility-apps.eu).
We expect the UK Living Lab to be ambitious in scale and in line with a real-life implementation rather than a research study, involving  circa 40,000 participants. The Living Lab should take place from 1 May 2017 and end with final delivery on 31 January 2018.
Contact Professor Susan Grant-Muller: [email protected] for further information about the competition and the EMPOWER project. More details and application form can be found here.