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Fältcom Wins Free One-Year Membership in Prize Draw

Fält Communications Ltd (Fältcom), based in Portsmouth, is the winner of the Act TravelWise prize draw held at Smarter Travel 2016. Richard Berry of Fältcom's business card was drawn on 18 March, earning his company a free one-year trial membership.

The company describes itself as follows:

"Fältcom connects the world through the Internet of Things. Established in 1998, Fältcom was one of the earliest entrants in the IoT/M2M market, implementing its first cloud-based solution as far back as 2002. With Fältcom's MIIPS platform and its apps, you can control, monitor, or analyze machines, buildings, and systems over the Internet. For our customers, this means lower costs, better information about usage, and in many cases brand new functionality. Fältcom's solutions work across a range of software platforms, and over 160,000 Fältcom units, including 30,000 MIIPS, are currently in service worldwide. Applications range from platforms for connected vehicles using integrated apps that can be managed and monitored via the cloud to Volvo's test cars, weather stations, traffic cameras, buses, and control of city streetlights."

For more information about Fältcom, contact Richard Berry at [email protected] or see www.faltcom.com.