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Active Travel Studies Journal to be Launched in Autumn

We at the Active Travel Academy are excited to pre-announce the launch of our new journal, Active Travel Studies. Published by the University of Westminster Press, Active Travel Studies will be a peer-reviewed journal featuring the most authoritative and current research findings that relate to all things active-travel. This includes walking and cycling, of course, but also embraces less discussed forms of travel – skate-boarding, run-commuting, kayaking…

The scope of the journal extends to the context of active travel and will therefore feature relevant work on other parts of the transport system and transport cultures more generally. We describe Active Travel Studies as interdisciplinary, acknowledging the nature of the topic, and will welcome contributions that reflect multiple disciplinary perspectives.

All research articles will be peer-reviewed to ensure the journal meets academic standards. But we shall have a slightly less strait-laced approach to content than many editorial boards. In fact, we will welcome interviews, debates and reviews in addition to the more familiar article format. And multi-media submissions will be possible too, alongside classical written matter. The best bit? Active Travel Studies will be open-access, so the widest possible audience will be able to benefit from its content immediately and at no cost.

The current plan is to issue our first formal call for submissions in June with the aim of publishing our first articles (or debates, or interviews…) in October of this year. So we urge you to start thinking now about items that you might submit to the journal when the time comes. Please direct any questions in the meantime to Tom Cohen (Editor - [email protected]) or Rachel Aldred (Deputy Editor - [email protected]).

We look forward to receiving your submissions!