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DfT Releases Draft Appraisal Spreadsheet for Feedback

Following his workshop at the Act TravelWise Autumn Conference on 9 December, Philipp Thiessen of the Department of Transport (Economic Advisor Appraisal - Local Economics) has released an economic appraisal spreadsheet for testing and feedback.

Essentially the spreadsheet offers a means of understanding the effect of various scheme attributes (e.g. estimated number of trips with and without scheme) on the Benefit Cost Ratio. This will greatly aid in the economic appraisal of schemes before they are submitted for funding. This is limited to Active Mode appraisal – WebTAG unit A5.1.

The spreadsheet user specifies the assumptions and cost inputs, and in response to those inputs, a table summarises the impacts and provides the Benefit Cost Ratio.

The spreadsheet is being released for testing and feedback with the caveat that it's reliability is not assured, as there may be problems or issues that have yet to be discovered.

The spreadsheet is available to download here. The related PowerPoint file from the 9 December conference workshop - titled 'Applying for DfT and LEP Funding: How to Make the Economic Case for Action More Effectively' - can be found here.

Philipp Thiessen is happy to receive feedback at [email protected]