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Consultation: Draft Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy

The Department for Transport has prepared a Draft Cycling and Walking Strategy for consultation, as part of a government effort "to create a walking and cycling nation". Through the consultation, the DfT is seeking:

  • suggestions and evidence of innovative projects and programmes which could be developed to further our goals of:
    • increasing cycling activity
    • reversing the decline in walking activity
    • reducing the rate of cyclists killed or seriously injured
  • views on how to increase cycling and walking in typically under-represented groups
  • views on the approach and actions set out in the strategy to meet our key objectives
  • views on the potential roles of government and non-government bodies in delivering the strategy, plus the how they work together
  • views on the assistance local authorities and local enterprise partnerships would find beneficial to support development of infrastructure plans
  • views on our proposed activities for meeting our objectives of better:
    • safety
    • mobility
    • streets

The draft strategy and related information can be found at

If you are an Act TravelWise member interested in helping to develop a unified response from the association, please contact Randall Ghent at [email protected].

The consultation closes on 23 May 2016.