SUMP Network Update - October 2015

The UK SUMP Network, an informal group convened through the ENDURANCE project on the theme of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, had its third meeting on Wednesday 30 September. Hosted by Atkins in Birmingham, the full-day workshop shared best practice on three themes: freight and logistics, places for people, and healthy and active travel. It was led by several expert speakers including Jon Harris, Sarah Fish and Dr Adrian Davis.

"What struck me particularly was the really wide range of topics covered, which shows what a multi-topic and broad focus the SUMP process is and should be," said Rachel Evans of Atkins. "One particularly interesting point was that ‘95% of adults actually participate in less than 150 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity per week’. This is a staggering statistic and shows it is a complete fallacy not to invest more in infrastructure and behavioural change motivation for walking and cycling!"

The event included two study tours: one on freight and logistics, and the other on the public realm including the newly re-designed New Street Station.

Sump Meeting Sarah Fish Atkins

"The New Street station project shows that seemingly intractable design problems can be overcome if the ambition is sufficiently bold," said Moira Percy of Transport for Greater Manchester.

About 25 people attended the workshop, which was followed by a SUMP training session for 25 Atkins graduates who hadn't attended the main event.

The next steps with the UK SUMP Network will focus on Scotland and Wales, training for practitioners, and encouragement for international 'policy transfers' between local authorities.

Internationally, the next big event on SUMPs will be the 3rd European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, taking place 12-13 April 2016 in Bremen, Germany.

For more information including copies of the presentations, please contact Randall Ghent on 0208 144 7366 or randall -at- acttravelwise.org.

The following organisations/projects were partners in the 30 September event:

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