Logo European Mobilityweek 2016

Mobility Week 2016 Has Begun!

The 15th annual European Mobility Week has been launched, with activities taking place across Europe from 16 to 22 September. The theme this year is 'Smart and sustainable mobility – an investment for Europe’. The main aim is to promote awareness of the economic benefits of investing in safe, clean transport for people and companies. Full press release here.

As in previous years, local authorities and individuals across the continent are encouraged to think about what they can do locally, to make an impact globally. Action in cities is particularly important as urban transport is responsible for 23% of EU's greenhouse gas emissions.

So far, European Mobility Week has attracted a total of 2,241 towns and cities from 50 countries, which have officially registered for the campaign. Over 889 participating towns and cities are celebrating a Car-Free Day on 22 September.

Brexit has not discouraged the UK from signing up, with 17 towns and cities participating, up from 10 in recent years.

In the City of London, a taxi drivers and cyclist campaign is being launched to ‘look out for one another’ through an agreement between the Licenced Taxi Driver Association and London Cycling Campaign (LCC). Collisions between these two groups are a major source of danger on city streets and to help make amends, LCC’s marketing manager will drive a London cab for a day while taxi drivers will cycle around the City during the week.

Scotland too is wholeheartedly committed with 12 towns and cities signing up including Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dunblane, thanks to Business Improvement District grants from Transport Scotland. Humza Yousaf, Minister for Transport and the Islands, will join the celebrations at Victoria Quay in Edinburgh on 22 September when a street audit will be among the activities taking place. Gibraltar rounds out the UK’s involvement.

As a special promotion to coincide with Mobility Week, Professor John Whitelegg is offering a discount on the price of his book 'Mobility: A new urban design and transport planning philosophy for a sustainable future'. From 17 September at 8 am through 22 September, the price of the Kindle edition will be reduced from £6.99 to just £0.99 in this online shop.