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European Mobility Week / TravelWise Week 2019 Theme: "Safe Walking and Cycling"

Our bodies are designed to move, yet many of us struggle to find the time to get active during the day. We may find that much of our routine is made up of sitting: in traffic, at a desk, or in front of a screen. But what if we could integrate exercise into our daily life and save money at the same time?

This year TravelWise Week puts the spotlight on safe walking and cycling and the benefits it can have for our health, our environment, and our bank balance! Active transport modes such as walking and cycling are emission-free and help to keep our hearts and bodies healthy.

Cities that promote walking and cycling over private vehicles have also been found to be more attractive, with less congestion and a higher quality of life.

In terms of individual health benefits, studies show that cyclists on average live two years longer than non-cyclists and take 15 percent fewer days off work through illness, while 25 minutes of brisk walking a day can add up to seven years to your life!

So this September, why not walk with us and experience the benefits for yourself?

Walking is the easy, low pollution transport that always gets you there on time. Organise a walk to work, hospital or University, to show how quick and healthy walking is.

Once again from 16-22 September, UK local campaign organisers will have a choice of using either the TravelWise Week or European Mobility Week  branding. Campaign resources found at /travelwise-week/ have been updated for 2019. You'll need to register your participation there.