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European Mobility Week 2015 Participation Report

The participation report for European Mobility Week 2015 has been published, giving a detailed look at the campaign over the last year. The 2015 campaign saw a drop in the number of cities involved, from 2,013 cities in 2014 to 1,873 cities in 2015, but recorded an increase in the number of countries represented.

While the two countries with the highest rates of participation, Austria and Spain, registered decreases compared to last year, Hungary saw a dramatic increase in the number of cities taking part. Similarly, Slovenia, Finland, and Greece all witnessed strong growth. A particularly popular aspect of the campaign this year was Car-Free Day, which saw 906 cities close off at least one street to motorised traffic – an increase of more than 100 from last year.

2015 also saw a high rate of participation from outside the EU. FYR Macedonia, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea and Ukraine all recorded at least 10 participating cities.

To download and read the 2015 participation report, click here.