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EPOMM E-Update on Rewarding Behaviour Change

EPOMM - the European Platform on Mobility Management* - has released its March 2017 e-update on the topic of Rewarding Behaviour Change. The theme is described as follows:

Changing individual behaviour is a difficult task. Ask anyone who has tried to make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, cycle more or stop smoking. In order to make travel behaviour more sustainable, many of our demand management strategies are based on punishment and enforcement. However, evidence shows that people are more motivated when rewarded rather than punished, as this creates positive associations with the behaviour. Best is a combination of rewards and punishment – as very well shown in our e-update on Parking Management. But there are many examples that focus on rewarding only. In this e-update, we will explore rewarding and some of the mechanisms behind it.

Read the EPOMM E-Update here.

Act TravelWise copy-edits the English version of the e-bulletin and distributes it within the UK.

* Note that 'mobility management' is the European term equating roughly to transport demand management (TDM) - the 'soft measures' aimed at travel behaviour change away from single-occupancy car use, sometimes referred to as 'smarter choices' or 'smarter travel' in the UK.