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EPOMM E-Update on Neighbourhood-Level Transport Innovations

EPOMM - the European Platform on Mobility Management* - has released its August 2018 e-update on the topic of 'Neighbourhood-level Transport Innovations'. The theme is described as follows:

Neighbourhoods are the areas where people live, where ideally you would like to have a nice area in the street with many services, shops, cafés, no crime and hassles, good connections, often also easy parking. At the neighbourhood level you also often find local initiatives and groups engaged in improving certain aspects of the neighbourhood, e.g. a quieter street, nicer architecture, less parking, more parking, more green areas etc. It is an ideal place to involve people, but this is also a difficult task as there is a huge diversity in cultural backgrounds, demographic developments, economic potential and social conditions. As cities are no longer planned just by planners, but also by the people themselves, this EPOMM e-update throws a spotlight on neighbourhood-level transport innovations – which organisationally often happen on the urban district level.

Read the EPOMM E-Update here.

Act TravelWise copy-edits the English version of the e-update and distributes it within the UK.

* Note that 'mobility management' is the European term equating roughly to transport demand management (TDM) - the 'soft measures' aimed at travel behaviour change away from single-occupancy car use, sometimes referred to as 'smarter choices' or 'smarter travel' in the UK.