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EPOMM E-Update on Citizen Science in Local Mobility Policy

On 29 June 2020, EPOMM (European Platform on Mobility Management) published its latest e-update on the topic of 'Citizen Science: Putting Citizens in Control of Local Mobility Policy'.

The theme is described as follows:

Air quality and traffic congestion are among the main causes of poor urban liveability and have sparked rising concerns about the negative impact that transport has on people’s health and well-being in urban areas. As several European cities embark on bold actions to improve local transport and to foster sustainable mobility, citizens are now mobilising to have their voice heard and to actively participate in local transport policy development. Therefore, the focus of this EPOMM e-update is on initiatives, projects and strategies that consider citizens not solely as data collectors, but also as data contributors, owners and brokers.

The e-update can be read online here.