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EPOMM E-Update July 2016 - Mobility Management for New Residents

EPOMM - the European Platform on Mobility Management* - has released its July 2016 e-update on the topic of Mobility Management for New Residents. The theme is described as follows:

When people move to a new city or neighbourhood, this is an ideal time to reconsider old travel habits and try out more sustainable modes. If these are immigrants with a different cultural background, they often have different needs for information and education than newcomers from the same or neighbouring countries. And for quite a few of them, having access to sustainable alternatives to the car is an essential condition for their inclusion in society. In this e-update we will present several projects and studies that have looked into the mobility management options for such new residents, both native and non-native.

Read the EPOMM E-Update here.

As the UK national body represented within EPOMM (with financial support from the DfT), Act TravelWise copy-edits the English version of the e-bulletin and distributes it within the UK.

* Note that 'mobility management' is the European term equating roughly to transport demand management (TDM) - the 'soft measures' aimed at travel behaviour change away from single-occupancy car use, sometimes referred to as 'smarter choices' in the UK.