ENDURANCE E-Update March 2016

ENDURANCE is a three-year project promoting the development and implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), and English/Welsh Local Transport Plans (LTPs) are a type of SUMP.

The latest ENDURANCE E-Update, which is copy edited by Act TravelWise, has a theme of 'Monitoring and Evaluation' and is introduced as follows:

Regular monitoring, review and reporting is one of the seven principles for SUMP set by the European Commission in the Urban Mobility Package. In this e-update we will explore the phases of the sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP) process in which monitoring and evaluation are needed. We will show examples from the ENDURANCE cities and include useful tools and documents, especially from the NISTO project that recently came to a close.

Note that in the UK we have an informal network of 20 local authorities on LTP/SUMP matters. Profiles of each of these local authorities can be found in the right-hand menu here. The profiles include links to the LTP documents themselves where possible.