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Cycling Guidance for Cities Published

There are many existing resources available to support the process of implementing cycling infrastructure and associated measures, which have been developed with EU co-funding, prepared at the national level or by other stakeholders within Europe. With such a choice, it is often not clear where city practitioners should start, which guidance is most appropriate or most comprehensive, and what to do in the case of conflicting recommendations.

This Commission guidance on cycling projects in the EU binds together existing advice into a single, coherent and universal online guidance resource that enables users to identify the most relevant information for their situation.

This guidance has been based on the support study "Guidance for Cycling Projects in the EU" undertaken by Ricardo Energy & Environment (UK), FGM-AMOR (AT) and Tranport & Environmental Policy Research - TEPR (UK) - as presented by Dr Ian Skinner of TEPR at the Act TravelWise Annual Conference in January 2019.

The guidance can be found at

Feel free to get in touch with Ian Skinner at [email protected] with any queries regarding the guidance.