Wolfson Prize

Wolfson Prize for Roads Solution

The 2017 Wolfson Economics Prize, now in its third year, involves an open competition with a £250,000 prize. This year, submissions need to address the question: "How can we pay for better, safer, more reliable roads in a way that is fair to road users and good for the economy and the environment?"

The judges are looking for proposals that "think more creatively about linking income and investment" rather than "simply seek to increase the cost or practical burden on road users in order to discourage use".

There are several other clues that the competition is looking for a 'behind the steering wheel' perspective, such as the questionable aim to "make road use easier and quicker" - although the existence of road users other than motorists is acknowledged.

Submissions are due by 2 March 2017. Full information can be found at https://policyexchange.org.uk/wolfsonprize/