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TravelWise Week 2017 Report

Local authorities across the UK made a great start to the relaunched TravelWise Week, held 16-22 September 2017, held in parallel to European Mobility Week. The campaign was an opportunity to engage with the public and other partners broadly on the theme of transport and travel in a number of ways:

  • encouraging modal shift and physical activity by offering various types of incentives (e.g. travel discounts, passes), support (e.g. PTP, cycle training), useful information (e.g. maps, timetables), education and motivation
  • showcasing new or planned infrastructure improvements (e.g. new cycling/walking routes, pedestrian zones, public space enhancements, new cleaner buses)
  • increasing awareness, support and momentum for local initiatives through face-to-face interaction

Once again we thank Diva Creative for the graphics and poster templates, which can be found at

Here are are some highlights of the week, listed alphabetically:

Aberdeen - In its eighth car-free day, the Getabout Partnership closed the main street and three side streets the highlight of a week of events which included a day-long cycle event in a North Aberdeen School and closing another street in front of a school for a day of car-free activities for the children. Alternatives to car ownership were also promoted via car club and EVs, including donating an electric car to a museum. As a permanent measure, cycle parking was installed at the school.

Coventry - A road closure took place for the HSBC UK CIty Ride on a 7 km circuit of roadway. A week-long promotional campaign encouraged modal shift among users of a new office development.

Devon - On 22 September, Devon asked employers to encourage their staff to leave the car at home and travel by walking, cycling or public transport. The challenge was to leave the car at home and travel using a different, environmentally friendly or unusual form of transport.

Hackney - Car-free day in Garden Walk closed to motor vehicle traffic on 22 September. There was also a series of Pop-Up Parklets - temporary mini-parks created from parking bays - in the vicinity as part of the celebration.

Lambeth - A full road closure on Stockport Road, Bonneville Gardens and Landor Road and a week of activities featuring Dr Bike sessions, school activities and air quality monitoring.

Plymouth - A series of workplace roadshows promoted all sustainable travel modes and offered free bike checks. They also supported a local residents association street party which closed a main street for the day - a great focus for car-free and community activities.

Poole - The launch of the Poole Car Club as a permanent measure gives residents, businesses and visitors the benefits of using a car without having to own one. The club includes three electric cars and one ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV), helping to improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions and also increase the visibility of electric vehicles.

West Sussex - The County Council organised some internal and external news releases for TravelWise Week using the theme of 'Sharing Gets You Further'. This included an Intranet announcement to alll employees. It even used TravelWise Week to help promote their staff survey!