Good Journey

Good Journey Encourages Car-free Travel

Good Journey is a new initiative to help more people visit attractions by train, bus, bike and foot. The website gives travel directions to everywhere from art centres to zoos, as well as inspiration for car-free days out.

Attractions that promote car-free choices and offer discount entry are recognised with the Good Journey Mark. Good Journey has already been joined by leading attractions such as Chester Zoo, Cadbury World and the RHS Gardens. Blenheim Palace achieved a 300% increase in car-free visitors in 2018 since joining Good Journey.

The initiative aims to make UK tourism less car-centred - reducing CO2 and air pollution and opening up access to leisure for the 25% of people without cars.

Good Journey would love to hear about any tourist attractions, leisure venues or destinations which would like to welcome more car-free visitors – get in touch at [email protected]