European Mobility Week

For those of you who don't already know, Act TravelWise is the UK representative of European Mobiltiy Week (EMW). Earlier last week, our Business Operations Manager, Sabrina Ishfaq, met with the EMW Board in Vienna to discuss the results of EMW in Europe and the rest of the world and to finalise the themes for EMW in 2014. 

Did you know that China, Myanmar, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Moscow, USA and Brazil all took part in European Mobility Week this year? EMW is going places and there is plenty of interest outside of Europe and we should be proud they are looking to us as an example. Here at Act TravelWise, we are very excited to be involved and can't wait to get our hands dirty for next years themes.


What will Act TravelWise be doing next year for EMW?

In 2014, we will be contacting all local authorities to find out what activities they are planning for EMW next year. We need a greater number of local authorities registering their involvement in EMW and telling us and the rest of Europe what we are doing. This is essential to our commitment to the EMW cause and for spreading best practice. In addition, we will be offering help and support where we can to those of you who have big plans for EMW 2014. It's early days yet, but we will be keeping you all informed about developments within the EMW Board around March/April time.


EMW Awards 2014

The best part of our activities next year is the EMW Awards 2014! Did you register your EMW activities this year? If you did, you maybe treated to an expenses paid trip to Brussels to attend the Awards! If that doesn't inspire you to be proactive next year we don't know what will! To find out more about this and how to get yourself to the Awards, look out for our January e-bulletin. 


What did you do this year?

If you participated this year, why not tell us how it went? What activities did you carry out? We can feed back to the EMW Board any comments you have - posotive and negative. Maybe you can think of ways of improving the week or you feel certain tools and resources would you help you to promote more effecively? If so, tell us and we will discuss with the Board and the EU Commission.


For more EMW news, please contact our Business Operations Manager, Sabrina Ishfaq: [email protected]