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Development Opportunity - Join One of Our Regional Teams

In an effort to increase its activity at the regional level, Act TravelWise is seeking to expand its volunteer-based regional teams.

Do you have any members of staff that would benefit from any of the following experience?

  • Supporting the coordination of a regional network
  • Organising regional events (meetings – which will often include training)
  • Raising their profile both regionally and nationally
  • Networking with a variety of sustainable travel colleagues (across the public and private sector)

No experience required (and can be at any level – good opportunity for both junior and senior staff), they just need to be keen and willing to take on the role. This will be on a voluntary basis, so the employer will need to allow some work time to carry out the duties (i.e. attending around 2-3 meetings/events per year).

We are looking to ensure that all Regional Teams have at least two members (this could be any arrangement, i.e. 2 x joint Leads (Reps), 1 x Lead (Rep) and 1 x Support etc.), preferably with one from the public sector and one from the private sector. This will help to ensure that workload can be spread and that the team can work together in order to develop the meetings and communicate to their regional members.

If you have any members of staff that would be interested in this excellent opportunity and would like to discuss the possibility further, please contact Randall Ghent ([email protected]) or Becca Dengler ([email protected]). We look forward to hearing from you!