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Cycle to Work Day 2017 - The Figures Are In

Cycle to Work Day 2017 was our biggest ever – and it’s all thanks to you who took part! Those that did pledged, pedalled, saved £££s, burnt calories and reduced impact on the environment.

Here’s a round up of what was contributed to this Cycle to Work Day:

  • 40,631 Riders Pledged
  • 1,133,685 Miles Ridden
  • 238,022.94KG of C02 Saved
  • £510,049 Money Saved
  • 2,372 Retailers Pledged
  • 835 Employers Pledged

Thanks to everyone who participated – now let's inspire others to get in the saddle too. Tell everyone how Cycle to Work Day 2017 was for you on our official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Not only will you connect with other commuters across the UK; you could inspire some non-riders to get in the saddle too!

If Cycle to Work Day has left you in the mood for more cycle commuting, we have a range of fantastic offers you can benefit from and save up to 40% on the price of a brand new bike.

Best wishes,
Andy, David & Hazel
Your Cycle to Work Team