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Cycle Rail Awards - Nomination Deadline Extended to 22 September

Why not nominate a colleague for the 2014 Cycle-Rail Awards, which close for entries at 5 pm on Monday 22 September. Specifically for local authorities, there is a Partnership Working Award.

The Award categories are listed below, and more details can be found at

Applications, which may not exceed more than 500 words, can be made using the electronic submission system on the website, or via email to [email protected]

Please remember that you can nominate any colleagues who you think are deserving of an award, and that the photograph competition is open to all. Two GoPro cameras up for grabs as prizes.

For further information, contact Laura Fenn at ATOC: [email protected], 020 7841 8105.

Cycle Rail Award Categories:

  1. Customer Service - Rewarding improvements or excellence in overall customer service for people wishing to make journeys using cycle-rail
  2. Partnership Working and Local Government schemes - Recognising the importance of partnership working to produce many of the facilities and activities that lead to cycle-rail integration
  3. Innovation - Initiatives that aid or encourage integrated cycle-rail journeys in an original and creative way
  4. Cycling Champion - Recognising individuals for their efforts to improve cycle-rail integration
  5. Door-to-Door Journey (including Travel Plans) - Delivery of sustainable door-to-door cycle-rail journeys through travel plans or other methods
  6. London Cycle Parking - Rewarding innovation, quality of provision, meeting the needs of cyclists, security and partnership working
  7. Cycle Security Award - Recognises those who have done the most to reduce bicycle-related crime figures, either through initiative or infrastructure
  8. Station of the Year - The station that has improved the most relative to its size in terms of cycle-rail integration
  9. Operator of the Year - TOCs who have achieved excellence in the consistent delivery of services, facilities and information to encourage the integrated use of cycle-rail
  10. Cycle-Rail Photography - The best two photographs that capture a cycle-rail journey will win a Madison Go-Pro camera