Call for Papers: Smarter Travel 2016

Smarter Travel is a primary meeting place for the sustainable transport profession in the UK, to be held in Milton Keynes on 16-17 March 2016. Act TravelWise is a partner in this event and Act TravelWise members are offered 20% discounts to attend or exhibit.

Smarter Travel 2016 will feature case studies, business case, legacy and future of the sustainable transport initiatives in the UK and will be supported by the Department for Transport. It will also focus on the developing synergies between sustainable travel and the rapidly evolving Intelligent Mobility sector. This year the event will have an additional focus on how traditional passenger transport services are changing and the total transport pilots will be featured at the event.

We are looking for short abstracts of under 250 words that outline the topic you are able to present to conference. The deadline is 20 November 2015.

Please submit abstracts here:

For more information please contact Rory on 020 7091 7894 / [email protected]

Full list of session topics:

1. LSTF - Legacy, lessons and further applications
- LSTF seed-corn for lasting behaviour change & the business case for further investment
- Access to jobs - local employment – working with employers
- Impacts on health

2. Innovation - Intelligent Mobility - Vehicle technology
- Practical application where intelligent mobility can provide to support to the passenger transport, cycling and walking agenda?
- Road map for introduction of autonomous vehicles
- Shared Transport – taxi, 2+car share, car clubs, bike share
- Encouraging take up of EV – bus, car, bike

3. Passenger Transport
- Total Transport pilots
- Mobility as a service
- Passenger information, mapping and navigation - data
- Integrated transport

4. Place - Air quality - quality of the environment
- Behaviour change – to low emission vehicles and modes
- Road Safety & Public realm
- Carbon and NOX reduction - OLEV programmes

5. Big Data – applications to the transport sector
- What is the model for getting the best use out of the data
- Making use of Crowd sourced data
- How can Local government monetise and/or make best use of the data that they have?

6. International best practice