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Business Forum Builds Momentum

The Act TravelWise Business Forum held its most recent meeting on Friday 9 September, which was used to progress plans on a number of fronts. A new membership prospectus for the private sector, in the form of a four-page brochure, was reviewed and is nearly ready for publication. Plans are underway for an autumn event to serve as a 'soft launch' for the Business Forum. It will be held in November at Heathrow Academy as a morning event with an EV bus tour in the afternoon.

The Act TravelWise Business Forum was formed in 2016 due to demand for information sharing and networking specifically for the private sector. The Forum is now growing and will offer four networking meetings and four training events per year from 2018. Businesses interested in joining the Forum or learning more about it are encouraged to contact us at [email protected]

The purpose of the Forum:
• to guide the sharing and exchange of good practice in the management of transport and travel to/from sites that have a predominant commuter use.
• to provide a framework for knowledge sharing on key issues across all types of business organisation including single use sites (including SMEs and larger sites), multi-occupant single use sites such as business parks and multi-occupant mixed use sites such as campus type developments including airports.
• to act as a national voice on commuter related travel and transport matters to the Department for Transport and other government bodies.
• to co-ordinate a search for external funding measures for the private sector in relation to sustainable travel projects.