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Are You Involved in Traffic Removal?

Following the very successful 15 September conference 'Making Traffic Free Spaces in Towns and Cities', the University of the West of England and University College London have set up a new website (www.trafficremoval.uk) and forum for professionals and decision-makers involved in traffic removal initiatives.

Traffic removal’ includes: pedestrianisation, traffic filtering, road closures and reductions in road capacity. The website includes research evidence on all of these elements and two videos, which tell the stories of how Leicester reclaimed its city centre from traffic and how a dual carriageway was removed from a historic square in Bristol. The conference presentations have also been uploaded to the site.

If your work involves, or might involve, traffic removal we would like to invite you to sign up for the forum. This will put you on a mailing list (which will be sparingly used) and enable you to post messages, to share experiences and discuss challenges with other professionals.