Act Travelwise Annual Conference

Annual Conference 2020 Post-Event Report

Thank you for everyone who joined us at the Act TravelWise Annual Conference on 30 January in Birmingham - especially to our presenters, exhibitors and sponsors.

Under the theme 'Sustainable Transport for 2020 and Beyond: From Town and City Centres to the Suburbs', we learned a lot about how physical changes to the streetscape (e.g. Steve Melia, David McKenna, Felicia Bjersing) can profoundly influence the quality of the environment, our choice of mode and the quality of our experience.

We also learned about how behaviour change can work in tandem with new infrastructure (e.g. Andy Binder re: MediaCityUK). Both Felicia and Andy emphasised that sustainable transport infrastructure, whether it is cycling or tram, needs to be prominent in the streetscape so that its use can be normalised.

We also focused on new residential development, both the ideal locations (Neil Taylor) and the new mobility features that can be incorporated into them (Fiona Coull).

The small group activities focused on place making, amenity provision and evaluation of planning applications. Feel free to use/adapt any of the activities to stimulate change in your own communities.

Richard Dilks of CoMoUK thanks you for the feedback on the Mobility Hub Game and says it has hopefully sparked some interest in mobility hubs themselves. He would like to share their Mobility Hub Guide. (Another game worth checking out if you're working with schools: the Traffic Snake Game.)

The conference feedback was very positive with all but one giving the event a 4 or 5 (out of 5) in the 'overall assessment of the event'. People really liked the new format of using one larger room with cabaret-style seating (round tables) rather than theatre style, and having an activity at the end of each session (aside from perhaps at the end of the day). Face-to-face networking was highly valued.

Some comments suggested we should have content on areas that weren't covered e.g. health care sector, rural areas, more on travel planning... One comment said that Birmingham is difficult to reach from the East of England; it would be useful to hear from as many of you as possible on where you think the next Annual Conference should be held - and what the theme should be.

If you have ideas for future events or training, or wish to host or collaborate on an event, please do get in touch.

Last but not least, the compressed PDF versions of the presentations were circulated to all delegates and can also be found in the members' area of, under Event Resources. If you're a member and don't have access, just get in touch and we'll sort that out.

We look forward to seeing you next year - or better yet, before then!