Act TravelWise / Modeshift merger proposal


26th January 2022

Dear Member

After a couple of years of the pandemic, in which climate change (and transport’s contribution to it) has received a very high profile, the Act TravelWise Board has been reflecting on the role of the organisation, particularly how we can better increase the profile of sustainable travel in the UK.

This is important to support the recovery from the pandemic and to also address the climate emergency.

After much consideration, the Act TravelWise Board has decided that a merger with the organisation known as Modeshift would be best for Act TravelWise and its members, as well as for the profile of sustainable transport in the UK.

The aims of the merger are:

  1. To create one large organisation, with the best expertise in the UK, that exists to drive sustainable travel forward to ensure that it plays its role in delivering both national and international de-carbonisation targets.
  2. To create a stronger focal point for sustainable travel professionals.
  3. To bring new and enhanced services for all members.
  4. To bring together a wider range of members working together as part of Team Modeshift.

The Act TravelWise Board is writing to you to inform you of our proposal to merge with Modeshift, and to set out what it will mean to you, as one of our members. We are writing to all Act TravelWise members to inform you and to enable you to respond to the proposal. The consultation period will be open until 22nd February 2022. The proposal to merge with Modeshift will then be put to our members, to enable you to vote for or against it, at the Extraordinary General Meeting at 12:00pm on the 2nd of March 2022. See Eventbrite and the Act TravelWise website to register attendance.

In the meantime if you, as an Act TravelWise member, would like to provide your thoughts on this proposal or have any questions, please reply in writing to [email protected] referencing  “ActTW/Modeshift merger 2022” by the 22nd of February 2022.

There will also be an Act TravelWise members online forum to discuss the merger held at 12:00pm on the 22nd of February 2022.  See Eventbrite and the Act TravelWise website to register attendance.


Detailed proposal


With climate change and the decarbonisation of transport high on the current global and UK political agenda, sustainable transport and active travel are proving to be in the vanguard of transport and sustainable policy within the UK as never before. To ensure that the ongoing initiatives, innovation, and achievements are capitalised upon and widely disseminated, and that the profile of sustainable travel continues to increase, the Act TravelWise Board believes that it is important to increase collaboration and to reduce the fragmentation of the organisations in the space of sustainable transport and active travel. This will enable us to pool our resources, reach a wider audience and have a greater impact.



We therefore propose that Act TravelWise should merge with (from a legal perspective, be acquired by) Modeshift on 1st April 2022. This will allow Act TravelWise to operate within a larger organisation and benefit from the increased resources, and operational and strategic support that will be made available to it. Act TravelWise members will become members of Modeshift with an Act TravelWise package. Act TravelWise members will continue to be part of an Act TravelWise network with online events, a conference and other services. In addition, members will also benefit from access to Modeshift’s resources while the organisation’s IT, digital and administrative resources will be combined. Hence, the Modeshift Delivery Team will be responsible for delivering your services.

This will also enable us to develop and offer new services, both to our existing members, as well as to Modeshift’s members and new members. The combined organisation aims to develop these in the course of 2022.

About Modeshift  

Formed in 2001, Modeshift is a not-for-profit membership organisation. Modeshift supports sustainable travel professionals and organisations from a range of areas to promote and grow levels of active and sustainable travel for businesses, education establishments and communities.

Modeshift does this by offering services and opportunities to share and recognise best practice. It also provides a centre of excellence for travel planning and the delivery of the national Travel Plan accreditation scheme – Modeshift STARS. The ultimate goal of Modeshift is to increase levels of sustainable travel within the United Kingdom.

For more information, please visit the Modeshift website - Modeshift – Sustainable Travel – UK's leading sustainable travel organisation

The merged organisation

The Act TravelWise Board feels that the objectives of Act TravelWise and Modeshift are similar and that more strength and synergy can be obtained in assisting members and organisations in the delivery of sustainable transport and active travel by a merger of the two organisations.

The board believes this merger will put the organisation on a more sustainable footing for the future, enabling greater impact for the members and sustainable travel in general.

Our members will:

-        Continue to benefit from Act TravelWise’s activities.

-        Have access to Modeshift’s online resources, and benefit from sharing experience with a wider range of organisations and access to an expanded regional network.

-        Have the opportunity to access (at reduced rates) Modeshift’s additional services, e.g. events, Modeshift STARS licences, and training sessions.

-        Be able to benefit from additional services and activities that we will develop in consultation with members.

-        Be part of a larger organisation that aims to increase the profile of active and sustainable travel in the UK.  


The Act TravelWise Board, therefore, recommends to members that the proposal is supported at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on the 2nd of March 2022. To attend this EGM  register here.

If you cannot attend this EGM then please  submit your organisations vote in writing via [email protected] referencing  “ActTW/Modeshift merger 2022” by 11:00am on the 22nd Feb 2022.


The Act TravelWise Board