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As part of our ongoing effort to provide useful resources to our members, Act TravelWise is seeking to collect relevant Best Practice Case Studies and make them available via our website.

We are interested in any example of where sustainable transport and travel best practice has been used to improve an existing system - whether it is looking to change habits or physical changes to infrastructure.

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EPOMM - the European Platform on Mobility Management - has released its February 2015 e-bulletin, on the theme of Integrating Land Use Planning and Mobility Management. The UK, like other countries, would benefit greatly from integrating these two disciplines (not to mention the related fields of transport planning, town planning, urban design and architecture). The e-bulletin serves as a very interesting overview of best practice on this highly important topic.

As the UK national body represented within ECOMM, Act TravelWise copy-edits the English version of the e-bulletin and distributes it within the UK.

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