Membership Fees

As the UK's premier association promoting and facilitating sustainable travel choices, Act TravelWise members benefit from a range of services designed to support them in their projects and careers in sustainable transport and mobility.

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Everyone can join Act TravelWise! To sign up to receive our free monthly e-bulletin, simply email [email protected].

To become a member of the Association and support our work, simply complete our Membership Form. In the membership form, please indicate the appropriate membership rate from the list below.

Membership is on an annual basis, running for 12 months from the time when the application is received. Membership renews automatically each year, unless it is cancelled in advance of the renewal date, which is 12 months after the starting date of the membership. The annual renewal invoice becomes payable on the renewal date.

Our membership rates are as follows:

Private sector:

  • Micro-businesses (1-4 employees): £250 + VAT
  • Small companies (5-50 employees): £375 + VAT
  • Large companies (51+ employees): £495 + VAT

Public sector:

Third sector:

  • Not-for-profit organisations / universities / NHS trusts: £250 + VAT


  • Individual membership: £95 + VAT

Please note, you will only enjoy your member benefits once your payment has been made and your membership fee rate confirmed by us. If you are unsure which fee rate applies to you, please contact us.

For further information about joining or for any other questions about membership, please contact us on [email protected].