Business+ Membership

Business+ is an enhanced level of membership specifically for businesses with workplaces where there’s a need to proactively manage employee commuting, visitor transport and parking - thus leveraging the power of businesses to promote sustainable transport to their employees, visitors and clients.

Business+ welcomes companies of all sizes and at all levels of expertise in transport and travel management. It’s a way to support us even more in achieving our mission and also a way to receive a greater level of support in delivering your mission!

Business+ is structured as a supplement added to the standard membership. We provide first-class learning opportunities, tools and resources, partnership working, marketing support and networking events to everyone in need.

Standard members receive one free place at each event and some exclusive online resources, whereas Business+ members can send up to five delegates to each event, with the cost included in the annual fee (Act TravelWise membership + Business+ supplement). There are more benefits to joining through Business+:

Summary of benefits

Benefit Standard Membership Business+ Supplement
Free access to structured learning sessions  √  -
Free access to workshops  √  -
Free access to training events  √  -
Free access to face-to-face networking events  √  -
Free access to all online resources  √  -
Free access to Annual Conference  √  -
Annual Conference exhibitor discount  √  -
Discounts at external partners' events  √  -
Four Business Forum meetings/year  ×  √
Four Business Forum events/year  ×  √
 4 specialist masterclasses and networking events  ×  √
 Information on partnering in funded projects  ×  √
 Private Linked In group  ×  √
 Access to key government departments to influence policy  ×  √
Access to consultancies to help guide businesses succeed with travel planning  ×  √


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To become a member, simply complete and return our Membership Form to commence the annual subscription.

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If you have any questions about membership, please contact Randall Ghent on 07960 180851 or