As the UK's premier association promoting and facilitating sustainable travel choices, Act TravelWise members benefit from a range of services designed to support them in their projects and careers in sustainable transport and mobility.

Being a member of Act TravelWise will help your organisation to stand out from the crowd in a number of ways. If you’re an individual, our membership will support you no matter where you are in your career. As a pioneering organisation, we can help you get the skills you need to deliver your work. Whether it's through sharing knowledge, bringing you together with the right people or providing practical advice, we can help you take the next step.

Act TravelWise Membership is for any organisation or person that is either developing or delivering a travel plan, a marketing campaign for changing travel behaviour, advising on sustainable travel initiatives or providing sustainable transport services to others.


Membership is for:


  • School, workplace and personalised travel plan co-ordinators
  • Businesses offering sustainable transport services
  • Policy makers, transport planners and engineers from central and local government and private practice
  • Providers of technical advice and consultancy
  • Researchers, lecturers and students from universities, institutes and research bodies
  • Environmentalists
  • Health Authorities
  • Businesses interested in sustainable development
  • Cycling organisations
  • Bus operators
  • Car clubs and eco-driving centres
  • Marketing/communications managers


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