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Transport Engagement Officer at WestTrans

Fixed-term contract and/or secondment opportunity for London Borough of Ealing employees for 24 months.

Are you creative? Do you understand the challenges facing transport in West London? WestTrans needs someone well motivated and engaging to work with local businesses and organisations to deliver borough transport ambitions and building on that; to actively seek ideas and opportunities to create new transport projects.

This role covers three main activities:

1. the continued success of our Travel Plan Monitoring Programme

2. the improved engagement with businesses, developers and local stakeholders to create an environment that is primed to react when opportunities are discovered

3. a creative and opportunistic mindset, able to spot potential projects that move us closer to our goals.

You will work with the six West London boroughs in the WestTrans Partnership to monitor the implementation of travel plans, visit newly completed developments, offer support and advice to the occupiers and develop a rapport upon which to further the aims of the Western Sub-region. It is on the back of the Travel Plan Programme that you can grow a healthy and vibrant network, willing to engage and partner with us on future projects, developed by you.

WestTrans is a subregional partnership of six West London boroughs, hosted by Ealing Council we work with Transport for London and other stakeholders to identify, develop and implement transport projects to the benefit of the subregion.

For more information, see the WestTrans job advertisement.

  • Contact Details: Anthony McNamara
  • £31,548 - £33,291
  • 07595 525 264