Commission On Travel Demand

Smart Mobility Governance Evening Seminar - 25 July 2017

The following talk will be held at Transport for Greater Manchester following the fourth evidence session of the Commission on Travel Demand.

Commission on Travel Demand - Evening Discussion
Tuesday 25 July 2017, Transport for Greater Manchester
5:45pm to 6:45pm with reception to follow

Registration is essential as security checks are in place.
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New Mobility Futures - New Governance Options
Professor Greg Marsden, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds

Very rapid changes in the mobility system are already underway in cities around the world, including the introduction of shared mobility solutions, mobility as a service and the field testing of increasingly automated vehicles. These developments present significant opportunities to cities and rural areas, offering the tempting prospect of tackling today's safety, congestion and pollution problems.

However, these changes are disrupting the status quo of the current mobility system and in turn pose major governance challenges. For example, new technologies and the new forms of delivery they create, blur the distinction between public and private, threaten incumbent services and ways of doing things, generate new power relations, and present data governance challenges.

This talk looks at the role of government and governance in ensuring that the smart mobility transition delivers public value and helps transform cities into more attractive, prosperous and liveable places. It draws on an international scenarios exercise to look at the potential for different governance approaches to channel the transition in different ways. It will conclude with some suggestions for early action and ample opportunity to debate and challenge.

Directions: Transport for Greater Manchester Offices are close to Manchester Piccadilly Station. Full directions are available at: