Act Travelwise Training Event

Regional Representatives' Workshop - 11 June 2019

Anyone interested in becoming a Regional Representative of Act TravelWise is invited to join us in Birmingham on 11 June 2019 for an afternoon workshop to learn more about the role and share tips on how to organise successful regional meetings.

It's an excellent development opportunity, so perhaps there are new employees of our members who could be nominated. All existing Regional Representatives should also attend.

Each region will ideally have 2-3 Regional Representatives representing the public and private sectors, who work together to organise a series of 2-3 regional meetings each year. The regional meetings are often held just before or after a two-hour training workshop. More information about the role can be found here

No experience required (and can be at any level – good opportunity for both junior and senior staff), they just need to be keen and willing to take on the role. This will be on a voluntary basis, so the employer will need to allow some work time to carry out the duties (i.e. attending around 2-3 meetings/events per year).

The workshop will also be a chance to meet the Board of Directors and provide input to their strategy, as they will be present at the workshop. It will be hosted by Transport for West Midlands (16 Summer Lane, Birmingham B19 3SD) from 1:30 to 3:30 pm. If you are interested in attending, please email Randall Ghent at [email protected]


13:30   Welcome / Introductions

13:40   Presentation and Discussion on High Level Strategy

  • developing networks and forums
  • forging strategic partnerships (UK-wide and regionally)
  • influencing policy

14:25   The Role of Regional Representative

  • overview of the basics (based on ‘overview of role’ document)
  • questions and proposed changes
  • communication with members in the region
  • different models used in different regions/nations
  • potential shared meeting/event partnerships with other organisations
  • training or events in conjunction with regional meetings
  • support provided centrally

14:45   Short Break

14:55   Communication and Support for Regional Representatives

  • how can the Board best help develop/maintain/support the regional networks (e.g. with director assigned to each region)

15:20     Wrap Up

  • conclusions, actions and follow up
  • appointment of new Regional Representatives
  • feedback on the meeting

15:30     Close