Ready For 20

Ready for 20 - 8 March 2017

The conference 'Ready for 20: 20's Plenty for Healthier Places' will be held on 8 March 2017 in Birmingham. A 20% discount for Act TravelWise members is available.

As wide area 20mph limits are adopted in most of the UK’s iconic cities, 20mph comes closer to becoming the national default limit where people live, work, shop and learn increases. Transport practitioners now need to get Ready for 20!

The conference will be hosted by Birmingham City Council, where 20mph speed limits are being enforced across the entire City. The annual event, which is organised by 20’s Plenty and Landor LINKS will bring together presenters from political parties, local authorities, academics, NGOs and consulting organisations on how to improve the public realm, create healthy lifestyles, promote everyday exercise and reduce casualties.

  • Learn from those that are successfully rolling out city-wide 20mph limits
  • Hear from experts from the UK and overseas about
  • Best practice implementation and engagement
  • The real benefits for vulnerable road users, pedestrians and cyclists
  • 20mph/30kmh - the developing international benchmark for liveability

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To obtain your 20% discount as an Act TravelWise member, contact Randall Ghent at [email protected]