Act Travelwise Regional Meeting

Northern England Regional Online Meeting - Tuesday 18th May @ 2:00pm

Northern England Regional Online Meeting - Tuesday 18th May @ 2:00pm

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Speakers to include

Lucy Atkinson , Sustainability Project Manager, City of York: York E-Scooter trials

With a number of DfT E-Scooter trials ongoing around the country and more people using E-Scooters they seem certain to become part of the mobility mix. Lucy will provide an insight into the lessons learned and the challenges of pulling together an E-Scooter trial . She will also discuss how City of York see E-scooters fitting in as part of the wider transport mix within the City and therefore how it may play out for other towns and cities within the UK.

John Nichol , Principal Transport Planner , Warrington Council: Reclaiming the Paths

John will cover Warrington Councils recent project that saw the reclaiming of over 10km of “lost” paths using a vegetation clearance programme that enabled greater access to more active travel routes. They produced a presentation to their management board showing before and after photos and the difference is quite startling. As other local authorities are going through similar issues with maintenance then this will be of interest of how to make the most of existing assets and enable active travel outcomes.

Kadambari Lokesh , DecarboN8 Research Fellow , ITS University of Leeds: Estimates of the Carbon Impacts of Commute Travel Restrictions due to COVID-19 in the UK

Kadambari will present her and Greg Marsdens recent paper which explores the carbon impacts of the reductions in commute travel which resulted from restrictions placed on the general population in the UK. The article uses anonymised and aggregated mobile data for the period February 2020 to June 2020 to understand how commute trips changed spatially. Key factors that contributed to substantial CO2 reductions were high car ownership with specific industrial employment types that could readily transition from a desk-based work to virtual working.

John Hacker , Director ,  TPS Consultants: Travel Choices Brand  

TPS have launched a new Travel Choices brand, as part of an enhanced range of travel information literature and communication media delivered by the TPS team. Applied in a residential context to start with, the TPS  Travel Plan Coordinator service ensures that residents are aware of their local travel choices. Over 20,000 homes across the UK will be receiving the latest information on local walking options, public transport services, cycling support, car clubs … and much much more. John will explain the choices available, the benefits, and how the new brand provides access to support and incentives to help people in the choices they make.

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