Act Travelwise Regional Meeting

Midlands Regional Meeting - 9 January 2018

Claire Williams (TfWM) and Rachel Evans (Atkins) are delighted to be relaunching the Midlands regional group!

We are showcasing ‘Health and Active Travel’ at this meeting as a nice tie in with the New Year’s being active resolutions, alongside the recently launched West Midlands On the Move Strategy, WMCA’s physical activity strategy.

Midlands Regional Meeting: Tuesday 9 January, 10:00–12:30, Transport for West Midlands, 16 Summer Lane, Birmingham

1) Welcome and Introductions
2) Role and value of the Regional Group
- Feedback from Regional Group survey
- Discussion on the future focus of the Group
3) Spotlight on health & wellbeing and active travel - Simon Hall and Duncan Vernon
4) Round table highlights on current smarter choices delivery
- A quick fire knowledge sharing of interesting projects, initiatives and techniques
5) Future Funding Opportunities for local sustainable transport delivery
6) Update from national Act TravelWise
7) AOB and date of next meeting

Please contact Claire or Rachel to confirm your attendance or to find out further details.
[email protected]
[email protected]