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Liveable Neighbourhoods - 10 July 2019

The inaugural Liveable Neighbourhoods Conference is designed as the first meeting place of all programme leaders, officers, engineers, policy-makers and planners who will be working on Liveable Neighbourhoods programmes across Greater London. More information about the fund winners can be found here.

The one-day conference and exhibition will provide a unique opportunity for project teams to come together to discuss and debate positive next steps, sharing of experience as well as find opportunities for collaboration.

Hosted by Haringey Council, the event will include a focus on the Borough's Crouch End development, which forms part of the Liveable Neighbourhoods Phase 1. Delegates will be provided an opportunity to attend site lists and study tours as part of the event programme.

All attendees will also receive a hard copy of the Liveable Neighbourhoods Best Practice Guide that Landor LINKS has produced in partnership with Transport for London and the sponsors Project Centre, Urban Movement, Rosehill Highways, Commonplace & Cyclehoop.

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