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Cycle to Work Day - 13 September 2017

It’s a celebration of everyday cycling!

Act TravelWise is proud to support Cycle to Work Day, which encourages adults across the UK to get on their bike and give cycle commuting a go for one day. Why – because cycling to work is brilliant! It’s an easy way to boost your health and fitness, improve your wellbeing and show some love to the environment.

This year’s event takes place on Wednesday 13 September and it’s the event's fifth birthday – so the celebration of cycling will be bigger than ever! Cycle to Work Day started in 2013, and every year this annual event has grown. Today, it’s a way of celebrating those who are already passionate cycle commuters, as well as those who are giving it a go for the very first time.

Employers wanting to get involved can go to for information and resources.

Individuals can pledge their participation at