Act Travelwise Training Event

Creating Better Places for People - 30 September 2015

Titled 'Creating Better Places for People: Lifestyles and Logistics', the third meeting of the UK Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) Network will be held on Wednesday 30 September, 10 am to 5:30 pm hosted by Atkins at its offices in Birmingham.

The UK SUMP Network is an informal grouping of 20 local authorities and others interested in developing and delivering Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) the European term encompassing various national versions of the Local Transport Plan (LTP). The SUMP guidelines, methodology and tools offer a way to take a fresh look at how we develop and implement LTPs and also to encourage their adoption beyond England/Wales into Scotland and Northern Ireland. The network was formed through the ENDURANCE project and is co-ordinated by Act TravelWise.

The aim of the event is to bring together all the organisations in the UK working on SUMPs, to share knowledge and best practice – and to see how the SUMP approach has brought about a step change in the way we do our transport planning here in the UK.

The free event will cover three sub-themes:
1. freight and logistics
2. places for people
3. healthy and active travel

This event will push the boundaries about how we create ‘places for people’ through the LTP tool and the different technical and consultation techniques that have been used – and how we mainstream SUMP thinking into the movement of both people and goods.

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9:00: tea/coffee/stands
9:30: plenary - 20 min on each of 3 themes consecutively until 10:30

  1. Jon Harris (Managing Director, Harris Ethical Ltd) on freight and logistics
  2. Dr Adrian Davis (independent consultant) on healthy and active travel
  3. Mark Stead (Project Manager, Severn Wye Energy Agency) on places for people

10:30: tea/coffee/stands
11:00: each of three themes in 90 minute workshops

  1. Jon Harris and Sarah Fish (Managing Consultant, Atkins) on importance of freight and logistics to SUMPs
  2. Dr Adrian Davis on healthy and active travel
  3. Chris Greenwood (Public Realm Lead, Atkins) on places for people

12:30: lunch
1:30: choice of several options

  1. Study tour on freight and logistics via mini-bus, led by Andy Clark (Senior Consultant, Atkins) and Kevin Cummins (Senior Technical Officer, Birmingham City Council)
  2. Study tour on public realm, including New Street Station. Classroom presentation, followed by study tour led by Steve Ashton (New Street Gateway Manager, Atkins)
  3. introduction to SUMPs + effective consultation techniques and 1-on-1 sessions with experts (Mark Stead, Jon Harris and Sarah Fish)

4:00: SUMP training for Atkins graduates

5:30: finish