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Car Club Developments Webinar - 19 March 2019

From March, CoMoUK’s Bike Share Forum series will become the Co-Mobility Forum. This will allow a wider array of modes and themes to be covered. Encouraging the sharing of experience, best practice and knowledge across the sector.

We would like to invite you to join us on Tuesday 19 March 11 am - 12 pm to discuss developing car clubs. The particular areas of car club development we will be discussing:

  • Procurement, updating guidance, consistency, templates
  • Accreditation changes
  • Metrics and car club online mapping
  • London Councils Task and Finish Group
  • Industry changes
  • Local updates and areas for collaboration

We welcome participants from all areas of the sector and if you would like to suggest future topics, please send us an email.

Best Wishes
Antonia Roberts, CoMoUK, [email protected]

Joining the forum

As part of the new Co-Mobility Forum we will be using an online meeting system. When you first click the join button below you will be asked to register and to open Go to Webinar. You only need to register once and from then on will be able to just open the Go to Meeting app.

Join the Forum

If you have problems joining the forum through the app then please dial in using 0330-221-0097 and the access code 333-602-685.