Act Travelwise Training Event

Bike Sharing Schemes: Options, Suppliers and Implementation - 9 May 2018

A wide variety of bike sharing schemes have been implemented in the UK and abroad, which have been credited with greatly increasing cycle usage in many cities. Bike sharing is a growing and developing phenomenon, with options including docked and dockless and multiple operators competing in the market. It's a complex field, with a lot to consider when commissioning a scheme. This workshop will clarify the state of play in the field, showcase the range of options and suppliers and highlight best practice implementation.

The workshop will take place 10:00 to 12:00 in Birmingham hosted by Atkins, followed by a regional meeting in the same venue from 12:15 to 1:30 pm.


  1. Conor Walsh of Carplus Bikeplus will provide an overview of the topic, with best practice examples of different types of schemes.
  2. Julian Scriven of nextbike UK Ltd and Duncan Robertson of Mobike UK, representing a docked and dockless operator, will explain their systems and provide an overview of options.
  3. Emma Beech of Transport for West Midlands will present on their recently-commissioned bike sharing system.
  4. Questions and discussion will then take place in small groups.

This workshop is free for Act TravelWise members sending one delegate. Non-members and additional delegates are charged at £50 + VAT.

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