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Act TravelWise - UK University Sustainable Transport Event

University Transport and Travel Managers share their work on bringing sustainable transport to campus for students , staff and visitors.

About this event

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Unfortunately due to a technical issue beyond our control the recording of this event is unavailable.
Speakers and presentations made at the event.
Dr Jack WIndle - Team Lead - Better Points Ltd  - Scaling Up Sustainable Travel to and around Campus
Peter Davenport  - Cycle-Works Ltd  -  Secure Cycle Storage in Education 

Graham Hine, Transport Manager,  Mark Collins, Innovation Integration Lead TfWM. University of Warwick - Future Transport and Mobility Scheme.

Darren Hardwick, Car Parking & Sustainable Travel Manager   - University of Sheffield - "The Step Up Sheffield programme".


Dr Kate Pangbourne of ITS Leeds University will be co-chairing this special University event with Jack Windle, Programmes Team Lead of BetterPoints Ltd

The event looking at sustainable transport and travel work within University sites will cover 3 key themes.

Behaviour Change - student / staff engagement , opportunities for participation/active travel , monitoring/reporting.

Electrification - E-bikes/E-Scooters , charging facilities , electric vehicles - current and future opportunities.

Partnership Working/Joint Initiatives - working with external partners / transport and mobility initiatives.


Speakers - 

University of Sheffield - "The Step Up Sheffield programme".

Darren Hardwick, Car Parking & Sustainable Travel Manager. Jack Windle, Programmes Team Lead of BetterPoints Ltd

Darren has done incredible work for sustainable travel at the University of Sheffield , spearheading infrastructure development; making safe routes into the city centre, building a cutting-edge cycle hub and using money generated through car parking charges for a variety of successful projects to reduce single occupancy car journeys.

"The Step Up Sheffield programme" is a behaviour change programme, run by BetterPoints Ltd with the University of Sheffield over the last two years.

Staff/student engagement: 2,000 UoS members have downloaded the app with excellent retention and engagement rates. Push notifications and the app timeline allow quick and effective communication of the university's messaging to users.

Participation/Active travel: staff and students automatically track their travel with the BetterPoints app, earning points for walking, cycling, liftshare and other sustainable modes. Also other activities, e.g. adult cycle training, attending events.

Monitoring and evaluation: client dashboard with instant access to anonymised user data (survey and GPS data). Easy visualisation i.e. heatmaps, graphs and charts.

Partnership working: The UoS collaborated closely with BetterPoints to design and tailor the programme allowing for continual development and adaptation.


University of Warwick - Future Transport and Mobility Scheme.

Graham Hine, Transport Manager, George Saxon Head of Transport Systems & Operations. Mark Collins, Innovation Integration Lead TfWM.

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) and the University of Warwick are working collaboratively to address unsustainable travel behaviours of local staff and students; largely high levels of single occupant car use. This joint programme, funded by the UK’s pathfinder Future Transport Zone, seeks to “enable and empower people to make sustainable travel decisions”. There are numerous strands to this programme including:

Improving the customer offer of existing local public transport services;

Introducing new modes such as Car-Club, eScooters, DRT;

Implementation of a new Mobility as a Service (MaaS) application;

An incentivisation programme and also introduction of disincentives for none-desired behaviour;

A broad monitoring and evaluation exercise to understand behaviour trends of the population.

Alongside a detailed ethnographic / segmentation analysis we hope to uncover more about how/why modal decisions are taken by specific individuals for specific journeys at specific times.

In turn this will help the University adapt their transport plan to be tailored as well as reducing single occupant car travel. Regionally, this insight will be invaluable in allowing TfWM to plan what modes, incentives and initiatives are most valuable/effective for any given community.


E Scooters / Partnership Working/Micro Mobility – University of York

Georgina Stares  - University of York & TPS Consultants Ltd

The University of York, supported by TPS Transport Consultants Ltd, have entered into a partnership with Tier Scooters as one of the national pilots for e-scooters; facilitating a scheme which links both principal campus locations and the city centre.  During the COVID Pandemic the e-scooter project has proved invaluable in providing an alternative to bus travel for students moving between campuses and has recently been expanded to include e-bikes. 

Georgina Stares will provide a summary of the scheme, the challenges faced in delivering the project during the COVID pandemic and plans to work together in the future.