Act Travelwise Regional Meeting

Act TravelWise South WEST Region Online Meeting

Act TravelWise South WEST regional web meeting with updates on Sustrans , Car Free Cities SW, the Annual West of England Travel Survey , Mobility Credits and  Maas Platforms .

 Act TravelWise South WEST regional web meeting will be held on Tuesday 27th April @ 2:00pm.

This full and very interesting South WEST event will feature updates and presentations from James Cleeton, Sustrans director for the South of England. Rob Bryher of Car Free Cities/Possible, Dr Steve Melia of UWE, Ann O’Driscoll Director of North Bristol SusCom. Keith Kelly Head of Partnerships at Enterprise Car Club and Brad Lee of Moovit UK.

The web meeting will be held from 2:00pm to 3:45pm.

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• Welcome and Act TravelWise update

James Cleeton, Sustrans director for the South of England

Sustrans 2021 plans for the South West

James will be providing an update on Sustrans’ strategic direction and current and future projects in the south west of England.

Rob Bryher of Car Free Cities/Possible 

Car Free Cities/Possible work being carried out in Bristol and Bath

Rob will cover the work being carried out within Bristol and Bath to promote car free cities and how the national agenda is changing for the better.

Dr Steve Melia, University of the West of England

Road Closures and Disappearing Traffic

What happens to traffic when roads are closed? Is it all displaced onto surrounding roads? Does some of it ‘disappear’? Those questions have been at the heart of recent controversies over the emergency COVID measures and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. Dr Steve Melia will explain, the principle of ‘disappearing traffic’ was established 20 years ago but some big questions remain. With UWE colleague Tom Calvert he has recently completed a research project measuring the impacts of road closures in two very different circumstances, a side street in the centre of Taunton and a bridge in a strategic position in the centre of Bristol. Their findings raise a troubling paradox for transport planners: road closures achieve the greatest impact on travel behaviour where they cause the greatest disruption.

Ann O’Driscoll - Director of North Bristol SusCom,

Annual West of England Travel to Work Survey

North Bristol SusCom is a company set up by a group of major employers based in North Bristol. SusCom encourages and supports sustainable commuting and business travel for their member’s 45,000 employees and 30,000 students. They pilot innovative ideas and influence transport infrastructure investment and delivery of behaviour change programmes in the area and wider West of England.

Ann will be sharing the headline results from the annual West of England Travel to Work Survey which took place in March 2021 in light of the effects of Covid19 restrictions and the 3rd national lockdown.

She will also be providing some insight into businesses plans once Covid19 restrictions are lifted – will staff continue to work from home or will businesses offer more flexible working for employees?

Ann will provide a South West England perspective on questions that are being asked across the UK if not the World.

Brad Lee - Moovit UK

Moovit MaaS Platform

Moovit MaaS solutions include White Label Applications, ​On-Demand (DRT), Moovit Urban Mobility Analytics, Real-Time for Buses, API Integration Payments and Mobile Ticketing. Brad will explain how these various solutions Moovit offer can deliver benefits to Operators and Local Authorities especially as we recover from COVID-19

Keith Kelly - Head of Partnerships at Enterprise Car Club

Car Clubs, Mobility Credits & Hubs Opportunities within the South West

Keith Kelly Head of Partnerships at Enterprise Car Club will be outlining the Enterprise car club operations and plans in the South West region.  Enterprise Car Club already operate in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Bath plus with a network of car club vehicles across the region at developments and at Enterprise Rent-A- Car branches.  Keith will also be speaking on the Mobility Credit opportunities as well as the Mobility Hub opportunities in the region and will discuss ways this can be adopted by local authorities or developers. 

See more heremobility credits


• Q&A and discussion around updates & presentations

• Updates on the work of members in the region ('go round')

• Discussion on future meetings/events

Attendance is limited so please register early.

Act TravelWise members will be given preferential booking should the event be over subscribed.

The first section (presentations , Q&A) may be attended by members and non members from any region. The latter section is intended for Act TravelWise members.

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