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Act TravelWise : Annual Conference 2022 - 15/16/17th Feb. Online Event

"Sustainable Transport 2022 ; Recovery and Progress". Recovering from the pandemic and progressing actions from COP26 as we head into 2022

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"Sustainable Transport 2022 ; Recovery and Progress". Recovering from the pandemic and progressing actions from COP26 as we head into 2022.

The past two years have been unprecedented outside wartime. The UK economy and its regions , cities , towns and villages are hopefully on the road to recovery. At the same time we face a climate emergency that threatens our environment, our way of life and possibly our existence. COP26 in November 2021 was deemed by some "The Last Chance Saloon".

Sustainable Transport, Active Travel and Public Transport must all play a part in both the UKs economic recovery and progressing the actions agreed at COP26.

Join our conference speakers to understand what is required and what is blah, blah, blah!

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Sessions & Speakers

15th Feb 10:00am - 12:00pm Opening Session : Recovery and Progress - OUTCOMES of COP26

Chair: Dr Kate Pangbourne (ITS Leeds)

Glenn Lyons - Mott MacDonald Professor of Future Mobility at the University of the West of England

Are we facing our fears?

It was an inspiring 18-year old high-school student from Sweden in the week after COP26 that (in her second language) offered the following paraphrased words of wisdom; " Being comfortable in an emergency is not hope, hope springs forth from facing our fears". The climate crisis is testing transport professionals, policymakers and politicians like never before. The science is clear – we are still not doing enough, even if we are ramping up pledges and action.

We are reminded of the information war that is raging – a war in which there are powerful vested interests seemingly working to cause delay to real progress that befits an emergency. It suits that agenda to exploit the social dilemma we face: what can I as an individual do to tackle this crisis, what can my community do, what can our region do, what can the UK do, what can Europe do…? It is truly a case of united we stand, divided we fall. There needs to be an ongoing and rapid awakening to the need for systemic change. This is about resisting the seduction of the siren sound of technology fix. It may take us a significant way forwards through transitioning our energy and transport systems but it will not move us fast enough. We need behaviour change.

We will need national as well as local measures to mobilise change in behaviour at the level and pace required. Is it that unreasonable to expect society to turn the dial down by 20% on its car use – when that would still signal 80% of it still be available for the taking? Are we not capable of greater reliance on proximity and digital connectivity for our needs instead of leaning so heavily on motorised transport?

We should make no mistake, we are at very serious risk of being in a proverbial frog-boiler in which we are gradually being cooked to death without realising it – the longer we leave facing our fears, the more fearful our futures may become.

Susan Claris : Associate Director, Arup and Vice President of Living Streets

COP 26 Reflections and Avoid/ Shift/ Improve

Susan Claris is a transport planner and an anthropologist who has worked for Arup for nearly 30 years. She is Arup’s global champion for active travel and she led the report “Cities Alive: Towards a walking world” and co-authored the “Cycling for Everyone” report with Sustrans. Susan is also the Vice President of Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking.

Susan will reflect on her attendance at COP26 where she chaired two events and why she thinks it is time to change the conversation around transport decarbonisation. The majority of the talk on transport at COP26 focused on the electrification of vehicles. But to reduce the carbon impact of transport, our towns, cities and regions must go beyond ‘cleaning-up’ vehicles. Instead we need to firstly Avoid (reduce the need to travel). If travel cannot be avoided, then we Shift trips from car to walking, cycling and public transport. And if trips cannot be by sustainable modes, then we should minimise the impact of road traffic by improving it, such as electrification. This is not just something for decisions makers – this is relevant to us all and our individual actions.

3rd speaker TBC

15th Feb 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Recovery and Progress: Urban and Rural Transport.

Chair Deborah Fox FCILT

Speakers :

Stephen Joseph visiting professor at the Smart Mobility Unit at the University of Hertfordshire - The future of transport outside cities.

Other Speakers TBC


16th Feb 10:00am - 12:00pm

Recovery and Progress: Co-Benefits of Active Travel

Chair - Dr Ian Skinner , Transport and Environmental Policy Research (TEPR)

Speakers :

Professor Adrian Davis - Overview of Co -Benefits of Active Travel

Dr Nick Cavill - WHO’s HEAT tool

Christian Brand - Active travel and Climate Change

This session will explore the wider benefits, or co-benefits, of active travel for wider policy objectives.

Professor Adrian Davis of Napier University will present an overview of the benefits of active travel and highlight how a knowledge of these is beneficial for the wider policy development process. One of the prime benefits of active travel are their associated health benefits, an area of work that has been the focus of the World Health Organisation.

Dr Nick Cavill will present WHO’s HEAT tool, which enables the monetisation of the benefits of cycling and walking in support of the policy development process.

Finally, following on from the earlier session on COP26, Dr Christian Brand from the University of Oxford will present the results of a recent study on the climate change mitigation impacts of active travel.


16th Feb 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Recovery and Progress:  All things E - Ebikes & Escooters / Ecargo & Last mile logistics

Speakers :

Rachael Swiatek , Programme Manager - Energy Saving Trust


17th Feb 10:00am - 12:00pm

Recovery and Progress: Commuting & Hybrid Working

Speakers TBC

17th Feb 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Birmingham 2022 - Greenest Commonwealth games

Graham Jones - CWG 202 2 Overview of transport for the Games & CWG 2022 Active Travel for the Games

Chloe Williams - CWG 2022 Travel Demand Management for the Games


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